Welcome to thecopyrightlaw.org.nz. This site exists to give you a balanced view of the new legislation that aims to combat infringing file sharing on the Internet. We explain "what the new law is all about", we outline "your rights and responsibilities" and we provide a bit of background about what copyright is and what the law is trying to achieve. When you ask questions, we'll provide answers in the FAQ section.

This law could affect anyone who has an account with an ISP in New Zealand. Take the time to find out more and make sure you are aware of your rights and responsibilities.

An account holders responsibility

Infringing file sharing is against the law. You are responsible for decisions you make about the use of copyright material. Ai??Our advice is to only use material that you now you have the right to use. This law makes you responsible for everything that happens on your Internet account. Anybody using the Internet provided by you (e.g. family members around …


Securing your Internet account

There are some basic steps you should take to secure your Internet connection, so that people canai??i??t use it without you knowing. Besides making it less likely that other people will do infringing file sharing using your account, this will also prevent other people using your data allowance. If you only use cable connections to your broadband modem, you should …


Challenging notices

If you receive a notice that alleges file infringing and you do not accept that you have done so, you can challenge the notice. The way to do this is explained in the notice, and involves you replying to the organisation that sent you the notice (your ISP) using whatever system they have. This may be by return email or …


The Copyright Tribunal

If you have received the three notices set out under this regime, you can be taken to the Copyright Tribunal. The Tribunal is a government body that can determine whether the evidence that says you infringed copyright stacks up, and then impose penalties on you — of up to $15,000. Like other Tribunals the aim of it (compared with a …

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