The Copyright Tribunal

If you have received the three notices set out under this regime, you can be taken to the Copyright Tribunal.
The Tribunal is a government body that can determine whether the evidence that says you infringed copyright stacks up, and then impose penalties on you — of up to $15,000.
Like other Tribunals the aim of it (compared with a Court) is to be fairly informal and low key. This means that there are no lawyers involved – you are able to represent yourself at the Tribunal if you like.
The Tribunal can make decisions based on papers, that is, without a real life meeting with you and with rights holders.
If you are notified that a rights holder is taking proceedings against you in the Tribunal, but think you have not infringed copyright, you have to say so to the Tribunal. Ai??If you donai??i??t raise any objection, then the Tribunal is entitled to treat the allegations against you as fact.